Siu Classics Organization emerged from a desire to create unique designs for women, with an appreciation for art and music, home and business management, manufacturing and business, food and beverage, events and event planning, culinary arts and hospitality, world travel and tours and personal and professional development. A wealth of wisdom, strength and beauty; combined, over 200 years experience. is a leading national value-added information technology business security distributor and solution provider for hosted and virtualized security solutions for private partners and clients. Founded by former security software executives and technicians, we understand what Managers, Service Providers and Value-Added Resellers need to be successful. 

Return On Investment Exchange Corporation (ROI) is a private and decentralized global conglomerate that serves as a general partner for our consortium of investor partners. ROI-Exchange aligns our interests with investor partners, then co-invests to acquire private micro-cap to large-cap companies.

For over 25 years, OmniSystems has provided expert service in systems engineering, software development, and IT consulting. We specialize in developing custom applications, systems integration, cyber security and other web-based solutions for healthcare, businesses and government agencies at the local, federal, and international levels.